WebGL around the net, 25 Feb 2010

Just two new links today:

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2 Responses to “WebGL around the net, 25 Feb 2010”

  1. AaronBabcock says:

    That is pretty darn cool. The idea of being able to send any javascript function to the gpu with a simple toGPU command is incredible. I don’t quite get how it works though, as far as I know, even PyCUDA makes you write gpu kernels in C. Also a custom build of firefox being needed is mentioned, is this going to end up in a nightly or stock build at some point?

  2. giles says:

    I think that he’s describing how he’d like it to work in the future rather than how it works right now. The link to his special build is near the top of the article, but I think that needs you write your kernels in C.

    I agree that JS kernels would be very cool — not sure how you’d deal with a dynamic language on a GPU, though!

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