WebGL around the net, 4 Feb 2010

For today, one new link and a couple of older things that I managed to miss first time around:

  • A new interview with a WebGL library creator at 3D test: this time, it’s Marco Di Benedetto on SpiderGL. Well worth a read.
  • GLGE has forums! It looks like a good place not just for discussing the library, but also WebGL in general.
  • Peter Strohm has added more to his WebGL lessons in German; there are now tutorials on adding interaction, and textures.
  • gwt-g3d, one of the three independent projects to create a Google Web Toolkit binding for WebGL, now includes ports of my first 12 lessons as part of its demos. I’m flattered :-) — but additionally, that suggests things have moved on quite a bit since it was announced at the end of December. Its competitors, WGT and GwtGL seem to be coming along nicely too.
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