WebGL around the net, 28 Jan 2010

A lot of new stuff over the last three days:

  • Over at 3D test, an interview with Paul Brunt of GLGE fame — well worth reading.
  • On thing that’s going to be important for WebGL going forward is the ability to load up objects that have been designed in 3D modeling tools like Blender, Autodesk 3D Studio or Google SketchUp. There are two ways of doing this — by converting the tools’ files into a JavaScript-friendly format like JSON, or by writing code to load the files directly in JavaScript. Tim Knip has started work on the latter kind: js3ds, a 3DS import library for JavaScript.
  • A very neat (Firefox-only) demo from murphy: using a web page as a texture on a WebGL object.
  • An impressive (new?) X3DOM demo that I’ve not seen before: floating objects with shadows.
  • Some interesting news about the WebGL spec — a while back, Vladimir Vukićević suggested that the WebGLArrayBuffer and WebGL*Array types would be useful outside WebGL. He’s now started moving their definition into a specification of their own. If this goes ahead, and they are broken out of WebGL, then we’ll probably have to change our pages once again — after all, if they’re not WebGL-specific then they won’t have “WebGL” in their names. One to keep an eye on…
  • Finally, Benjamin DeLillo reports that he’s moved WebGLU to github (an excellent idea) and shows that the latest version of his library makes his 50-line demo an even more impressive 25 lines!
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