WebGL around the net, 21 Jan 2010

Lots of YouTube stuff today:

  • Another very cool graphics-card overloading page from the demo scene guys, who specialise in creating very cool scenes using jaw-droppingly tiny amounts of code, all in the fragment shaders. This one’s called Four Dollar Plastic Laminator, it’s apparently a 1k demo (meaning it’s all coded in just one kilobyte of fragment shader!), and if your GPU’s not powerful enough to view it, you can see it on YouTube here.
  • A very cool demo in a different way; this one is unfortunately only on YouTube, but it shows a model taken from World of Warcraft, exported to X3D, and then displayed in a Web browser using X3DOM, which is built on WebGL. Very impressive!
  • Finally, two examples of terrain mapping in WebGL, which both look pretty promising.
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4 Responses to “WebGL around the net, 21 Jan 2010”

  1. giles says:

    Argh, I did — thank you! Fixed.

  2. titan says:

    Why the links always opens in same window? Is there a reason? :)

  3. giles says:

    I just prefer it myself :-)

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