WebGL around the net, 18 Jan 2010

  • More news from Lindsay Kay about SceneJS — he’s just released version 0.4.0, which has some serious performance improvements, most interestingly including a replacement of the Sylvester matrix/vector library with some streamlined 3D-specific code. Sounds very promising!
  • Paul Brunt’s GLGE framework is also moving rapidly forward, and now supports picking — that is, the ability for the user to select an object in the 3D scene, which is essential for most serious 3D apps.
  • News about the C3DL library too: it’s now working cross-browser.
  • On the subject of established 3D systems, there seems to be a report percolating around a couple of German news sites that Second Life 2.0 will be rewritten in WebGL. Unfortunately the only reference cited is a blog post that doesn’t mention it, so maybe someone got hold of the wrong end of the stick. Or maybe the combination of my schoolboy German plus Google Translate is leading me astray when I try to read the articles. Does anyone know any more? [UPDATE anty explains in the comments here that the author of the first article explains in the comments there that he believes that this will happen, but has no hard evidence.]
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2 Responses to “WebGL around the net, 18 Jan 2010”

  1. anty says:

    In the first article the author states in the comments, that it is his assumption that the new SecondLife is using WebGL. He writes, that there’s made a mystery around the 2.0 update of the Viewer and he has no doubts that it’s because they are going to use WebGL.

  2. giles says:

    Thanks, anty — that makes things clearer.

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