WebGL around the net, 15 Jan 2010

Two updates today:

  • Eric Shepherd’s tutorial on WebGL at the Mozilla Developer Center, which I think only started a week ago, is progressing by leaps and bounds: so far, he’s covered similar ground to the first seven lessons here, but his latest is very impressive indeed: how to animate textures by mapping an Ogg video onto the faces of a rotating cube. Cool stuff! — though, perhaps unsurprisingly, it doesn’t work in Chrome yet… If you’re following the lessons here (or even if you’re not :-) I’d definitely recommend you follow Eric’s stuff too.
  • Inigo Quilez has been adding new shader demos to the shader toy page he released a little while back: most impressive is the Mandelbulb (a sort of 3D Mandelbrot set), which drew some incredibly detailed pictures on my desktop machine before it crashed the graphics card :-S

Have a great weekend!

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  1. gero3 says:

    hopefully chromium will add this videototexture feature too becuase that would be great

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