WebGL around the net, 30 Dec 2009

Hi all — I’m back again, this time with what may well be the last WebGL roundup for 2009!

  • Not just one, but two Google Web Toolkit ports for WebGL! GWT lets you write your web apps in Java rather than JavaScript, and provides a number of useful extra widgets. Coolcat has been working on WebGL support for it as part of his Ultimate Conquest game, and he’s now released version 0.1. Entirely independently, hao1300 has been working on a separate implementation, which has also just reached an early-access release.
  • Michele Diegoli is writing a blog with translations of my lessons (“e qualcosa di piu’” — “and a little more”) into Italian.
  • Emanuele Ruffaldi has been putting together some experiments including vertex modification in shaders, and rendering to textures. Clever stuff!
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