Context name change with the new draft spec

The new draft spec of WebGL changes the name we use to get the context from the canvas; it used to be moz-webgl for Mozilla or webkit-3d for WebKit. The new standard is experimental-webgl, which the current nightly builds of Firefox seem to use (though they also seem to support the old name), but the current Chrome doesn’t; it still uses webkit-3d. I’ve not had a chance to check with Safari. [UPDATE] in the comments, murphy tells us that it works in the latest WebKit/Safari.

Anyway, it looks like the best bet for the time being is to support all three, so I’ve updated the lessons and the WebGL Cookbook recipe to do that; once Chrome’s moved over then we can switch to just using the new name.

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2 Responses to “Context name change with the new draft spec”

  1. murphy says:

    experimental-webgl works in latest WebKit/Safari.

  2. giles says:

    Thanks! I’ve added a note to the post.

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