The draft WebGL spec is now live!

This is really good news: the draft WebGL spec is now officially available. No more looking at the Mozilla or the WebKit source to try to work out what the available functions are!

As well as the spec, the Khronos guys have put together two brilliant new resources: a WebGL Wiki and a public mailing list for discussing the spec (but not for Q&A on how to develop using WebGL, I think).

More about this from Arun Ranganathan, Chair of the WebGL Working Group on, and of course from Vladimir Vukićević.

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3 Responses to “The draft WebGL spec is now live!”

  1. aa says:

    Especially is awesome :)

  2. giles says:

    Good point, I should highlight the repository (though I’m sure most people have already found it :-)

    I spotted x3dom a while back, it does look promising, doesn’t it?

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