WebGL around the net, 7 Dec 2009

It’s been a busy weekend!

  • Paul Brunt’s excellent little animated character now has point light sources, normal maps, and masking, and looks even cooler :-)
  • Peter Strohm has put up his own second WebGL tutorial (in German), taking a much more rigorous view of the maths than I have been doing here. Even if you don’t know German, you may want to take a look, as Google Translate does a very good job with it, and there’s a lot of interesting stuff there.
  • Lots of potential here: at iDevGames, they’re holding a WebGL game competition. I’ve not been able to get either entry running yet on either Chrome or Minefield; the forums seem to be Mac-based, so it may well be that their examples are WebKit-only. It’d be great to hear from anyone who manages to get them running, though.
  • Finally, something amusing I spotted over the weekend — someone obviously likes my lessons enough to be willing to pay to have them translated into Russian O_o Looks like the going rate is a couple of dollars or 90-or-so rubles for 1,000 characters excluding spaces; I wonder if the code samples are included in that?
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