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Tuesday is normally a night I spend eating Indian food with a mobile-phone-obsessed friend, and today was no exception. Today he was showing off his latest toy, a Nokia N900, and my first thought on seeing it was “cool! I wonder if WebGL could be ported to this thing?”

Then I got home, checked my RSS feeds and saw this. Um, wow. Seriously, wow. Hats off to Vladimir Vukićević, one of the guys who’s making the stuff I’m just talking about actually happen.

[UPDATE a version of the firmware for the N900 pushed out in early June 2010 enables an — incomplete — WebGL implementation in the built-in browser! More here.]

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2 Responses to “Mobile WebGL”

  1. Nick W says:

    Looks impressive! This is where I hope to be going with my stuff eventually: mobile 3D maps rendered in the browser using WebGL and the JavaScript location API, so if you’re out walking or cycling in the countryside, you can see your surroundings (more or less) as they’re supposed to be.

  2. giles says:

    That would be really cool.

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