WebGL around the net, 30 Nov 2009

Lots of good stuff today:

  • I’ve been looking forward to seeing this: Nick Whitelegg has posted the first steps towards his 3D OpenStreetMap viewer. This looks really promising!
  • Ben Vanik’s moving fast; his first post on WebGL was just the other day, and now he’s posted a very impressive demo of MegaTextures in WebGL, complete with a really detailed explanation. You do need the Chromium nightly build to run it, though — the Chrome Dev channel doesn’t work, and neither does Firefox.
  • Murphy has posted something that made my brain crash: A Chessboard Sphere with WebGL
  • The C3DL team make a good point; like everyone who’s posted WebGL demos, they’re getting good feedback when stuff doesn’t work, but not when it does. Obviously you can’t expect every visitor to leave detailed comments on your demos, so they’re looking for some kind of Wordpress polling plugin to make it convenient for people to leave both positive and negative feedback. This sounds like an excellent idea, and if you know of any relevant plugins then please do tell them!
  • Finally, a new language for our collection: first steps with WebGL in Korean!
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