WebGL around the net, 24 Nov 2009

Just two links for today:

  • Good news for German-speakers — Peter Strohm has been putting together a WebGL demo page which not only has versions of the lessons from these pages with comments added in (and some function names translated into) German, but also has some cool new demos, including a 3D scan of himself! (UPDATE: be careful of trying out the scan, though — it can crash Firefox.)
  • A follow-up to yesterday’s link to Ilmari Heikkinen; the demo he put together then now has an associated blog post. I’ve also noticed that the cubes in his demo are not just bouncing and spinning — at least some of them are squashing as the bounce in a very realistic manner :-) A very cool demo.

As for the lessons here… you can take a very early look at the page for lesson 9 now — the “twinkling” effect from the original lesson isn’t there yet, though.

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4 Responses to “WebGL around the net, 24 Nov 2009”

  1. The 3D scan point cloud demo apparently creates and binds a new point cloud buffer on every frame. So it runs out of memory after a couple frames.

  2. giles says:

    The funny thing is, although Peter warns that it crashes Firefox, it didn’t crash mine at all on my work machine. I guess different versions and different graphics drivers are differently tolerant of memory leaks like that.

  3. Peter Strohm says:

    I updated the point cloud demo with Ilmari’s bugfix (thanks again). It should not crash Minefield anymore. At least on my machines it did not crash anymore.

  4. Coolcat says:

    The point cloud also didn’t crash for me…however, 1 GB of graphics memory and 4 GB system memory take a long time until they are full ;)

    Another German demo:
    It planed to be a clone of the popular KDE game “Konquest”. I’m using GoogleWebToolkit, so this 90% coded in Java and then translated to JavaScript. However, currently you can only see a see a small demo:
    Will probably only run on current Firefox Nightly. German Project description:
    (try Google translator: http://translate.google.com/)

    Movement: W,S,A,D,Q,E
    Rotation: press right Mousebutton (or Ctrl) and move the Mouse
    Zoom: use Mousewheel

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