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WebGL around the net, 25 July 2013

This week in WebGL features… WebGL2?!

Mozilla has just released a prototype of experimental WebGL2 features in its nightly and Aurora builds! WebGL2 is the working name for new WebGL features based on OpenGL ES 3.0. Read more on the Mozilla Wiki at
Exocortex has released, a next-generation 3D content creation tool that runs in the [...]

WebGL around the net, 18 July 2013

Back in action… this week in WebGL features games, in-browser modeling and HTML5/WebGL integration.

Toronto-based Swappz Interactive has created an interactive Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game for the kids using Verold Studio. Here’s how they did it.
3D artists may be interested in  SculptGL, a tiny sculpting application powered by WebGL. SculptGL features dynamic subdivision, decimation, and adaptive sculpting. [...]

Gone Swimmin’

… just a quick note, publishing on an abbreviated schedule due to summer. Having fun in New England! The next update will probably go out on the 18th…

WebGL around the net, 4 July 2013

This week in WebGL: more Microsoft news, a killer game and drag and drop frameworks.

During last week’s Build Conference, Microsoft announced it is developing core web applications on WebGL, rewriting both Bing Maps 3D and Photosynth 2 from the ground up.
If you’re like me and slightly wary of even-numbered Windows releases, then this will come as [...]

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