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WebGL around the net, 29 September 2011

This is very cool — for his diploma thesis, Alexander Ehrhardt has written a Facebook app implementing a multiuser virtual world using GWT and WebGL via gwt-g3d.
Also nice — a space combat game from Taylor Clark.
A new (non-interactive) CopperCube demo.
Google’s Chrome Experiments now lists a whole bunch of globe visualisations, from the latest earthquakes to [...]

WebGL around the net, 22 September 2011

Just a few links for today…

A “a realtime clip in WebGL” using three.js, from Thierry Tranchina: Fly over England (give it a little while to get going).
It’s a nice change to see a demo set to classical music Check out the minimalist Arabesque, from Joshua Koo, which uses three.js and two of [...]

WebGL around the net, 15 September 2011

News from the SIGGRAPH 2011 WebGL BOF: it will ’see a bug fix release, version 1.0.1, “probably in the fall.” Security is reportedly the highest priority with this release, for example, using watchdog timers to prevent denial-of-service-attacks. NVIDIA also showed WebGL running on a mobile device, an Android tablet, for the first time.’
Cimaron Shanahan’s cWebGL [...]

WebGL around the net, 8 September 2011

The results for Mozilla’s Demoparty competition are in, with lots of cool new stuff. There’s too much there to highlight anything specifically!
Benoit Jacob: “The question being answered on this page is: how many % of Firefox users are actually getting WebGL, Layers Acceleration and other GPU-based features?” The numbers are a bit low, [...]

WebGL around the net, 1 September 2011

Siren Song uses WebGLet and is incredibly addictive!
This demo by Felix Woitzel (“Fine-tuned 8Bit Reaction-Diffusion system with added traveling wave fronts and subpixel decay”) is gorgeous. More about it on CreativeJS.
toxiclibs.js is a library that can generate shapes from equations, and they’ve put together a nice demo using three.js to display spherical harmonics.
If you’re [...]

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