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WebGL around the net, 30 May 2011

A while back, Brandon Jones managed to convert some Doom Quake 3 levels to WebGL. Now he’s back with another id game, RAGE. There’s a video, a discussion of how he reverse-engineered the file format, and the source.
I love this demoscene page by Visy.
ROME would have been much scarier if they’d decided to [...]

Yesterday's London WebGL meetup

So, yesterday’s meetup went really well! We had a bunch of great talks:

Ilmari Heikkinen on putting together demos for the Google IO conference.
Paul Brunt about his GLGE framework, including some very cool new demos.
Laurynas Bakas, bravely (and very successfully) presenting over Skype on how WebGL could be used to create new forms of architecture, [...]

WebGL around the net, 18 May 2011

I’m a bit behind with my link backlog, so here’s the highlights:

So if you’ve been watching WebGL at all over the last week or so, you can’t have missed the demos from Google’s IO conference:

ROME, a “3D Interactive Music Experience”, largely built on top of three.js. Well worth a look! (sadly Chrome-only, apparently [...]

WebGL around the net, 9 May 2011

Here’s a lovely demo of path tracing in WebGL by Evan Wallace. The explanation’s very clear, too.
More WebGL medical imaging: from iBrainovative, a beating 3D heart.
WebGL globes seem to be the coming thing. Here’s Google’s, which, of course, lets you see how people search around the world; blog posts here and here. [...]


This week’s “around the net” post went out before it was ready. It’ll happen over the weekend.

London WebGL meetup, 6pm, 24 May

OK, more information: Google have offered a room and food for the London WebGL meetup, which is absolutely awesome of them The address is 76 Buckingham Palace Road, London SW1W 9TQ. Apparently they have dual screen presentation facilities (with sound), so all the demos should look great too. Many thanks [...]

London WebGL meetup, 24 May 2011

[UPDATE] More info (including location) in this post.
OK, so we have a provisional date (but so far no definite location) for the London WebGL meetup: 24 May, at around 6pm. Hopefully we’ll have 4-5 short talks, then an informal social bit at the nearest pub. If we’re very lucky and get sponsorship, there [...]

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