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First cut at WebGL Lesson 10.5 – cameras and lighting

I’ve got the first working version of the code for lesson 10.5 done. It’s 10.5 because all it adds to lesson 10 is lighting, which I think is a minor but worthwhile digression… Anyway, here it is!

WebGL around the net, 7 Dec 2009

It’s been a busy weekend!

Paul Brunt’s excellent little animated character now has point light sources, normal maps, and masking, and looks even cooler
Peter Strohm has put up his own second WebGL tutorial (in German), taking a much more rigorous view of the maths than I have been doing here. Even if you [...]

WebGL around the net, 4 Dec 2009

Just one link for today: Nick Whitelegg has posted a bit more about his 3D OpenStreetMap viewer, which now has an overlay with place names. Useful if you’re trying to work out how to put some kind of text data on top of your 3D scene — anyone designing games could use similar techniques [...]

WebGL Lesson 10 – loading a world, and the most basic kind of camera

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Welcome to my number ten in my series of WebGL tutorials, based on number 10 in the NeHe OpenGL tutorials. In it, we’ll load up a 3D scene from a file (meaning that we could easily switch the file out and extend the demo), and write some simple code so [...]

WebGL around the net, 3 Dec 2009

Vladimir Vukićević gives us a heads-up that the Canvas*Array to WebGL*Array change that hit WebKit a little while back is now live in the Firefox trunk. So the horrible compatibility wart at the start of our demos can go, which is good news.
Andor Salga’s been blogging heavily as his Open Source class (how cool [...]

WebGL around the net, 2 Dec 2009

Two new links for today:

At, an interesting interview with Neil Trevett, Vice President of Embedded Content at NVIDIA and the President of Khronos Group.
One interesting note buried in the minutes of yesterday’s Mozilla Platform Meeting: “The WebGL standard goes to Khronos review this week. More public information will be forthcoming once the Khronos board [...]

Mobile WebGL

Tuesday is normally a night I spend eating Indian food with a mobile-phone-obsessed friend, and today was no exception. Today he was showing off his latest toy, a Nokia N900, and my first thought on seeing it was “cool! I wonder if WebGL could be ported to this thing?”
Then I got home, checked [...]

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