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WebGL Lesson 6 – keyboard input and texture filters

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Welcome to my number six in my series of WebGL tutorials, based on part of number 7 in the NeHe OpenGL tutorials. In it, we’ll go over how you can make your WebGL page accept keyboard input, and we’ll use that to change the rate and direction of spin of [...]

Another retrospective change…

Yesterday evening (3 November 2009) I made some small retrospective changes to lessons 3, 4 and 5. If you first read those lessons before then, you may find the rest of this post useful, because the next lesson will build on the changed code. If you first read the lessons after 2 November [...]

X3DOM – specifying 3D WebGL content with HTML tags

Really cool:
X3DOM (pronounced X-Freedom) is an experimental open source runtime to support the ongoing discussion in the Web3D and W3C communities how an integration of HTML5 and declarative 3D content could look like. It tries to fulfill the current HTML5 specification for declarative 3D content and allows including X3D elements as part of any HTML5 [...]

WebGL Lesson 5 – introducing textures

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Welcome to my number five in my series of WebGL tutorials, based on number 6 in the NeHe OpenGL tutorials. This time we’re going to add a texture to a 3D object — that is, we will cover it with an image that we load from a separate file. [...]

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