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Two big retrospective changes to the lessons

I’ve just made two large sets of changes to the lessons. If you started looking at the lessons after the date of this post, you’ve already seen the new and improved versions, so you can ignore the rest of this Otherwise, read on…
The two changes are:

I’ve changed all references to CanvasXXXArray [...]

WebGL Lesson 7 – basic directional and ambient lighting

<< Lesson 6Lesson 8 >>
Welcome to my number seven in my series of WebGL tutorials, based on the part of number 7 in the NeHe OpenGL tutorials that I didn’t go over in lesson 6. In it, we’ll go over how you add simple lighting to your WebGL pages; this takes a bit more [...]

Blog design

At least one reader has grumbled in the comments about my white-on-black-ish colour scheme (though no-ones grumbled yet about my consistent UK spelling of colour . I’m wondering whether I should try another theme; what do you think?
(I’ll interpret zero comments as meaning “stick with what you have” — otherwise I’ll let comments [...]

WebGL around the net, 11 Nov 2009

A busy two days since my last “around the net” post: one great demo, one great game now available to Firefox users as well as WebKit, and some potential changes in the WebGL API.

First off, a truly gorgeous demo from Jacob Seidelin: A Musical Solar System. Prepare to be awed!
If it weren’t for Jacob’s [...]

Lesson 7 coming up soon

The code for lesson 7 is now pretty much done; I’m writing up the blog entry now, and may make a few final tweaks to the code as I do so, but you can try it out now if you’re feeling adventurous…
[UPDATE] Just realised it might not be obvious — in order to see the [...]

WebGL around the net, 9 Nov 2009 – part 2

Wow! I mentioned earlier today that the C3DL team were porting their stuff over to WebGL, but when I posted they hadn’t actually made anything live. They’ve fixed that, and the result’s really very cool: check it out here!

WebGL around the net, 9 Nov 2009

Lots of new stuff over the weekend!

Yohei Shimomae has come up with another excellent demo, a game called Cube Defense. Sadly it’s WebKit-only — it works on Chrome and presumably Safari, but not on Firefox — but it’s cool enough that if you’re on a PC and you’ve not tried downloading Chrome yet, it’s [...]

A bit of fun: Bouncing Mandelbrot WebGL cubes

Lighting is tricky, and it’ll take me a little while to get the next lesson up. So, in the meantime, here’s something completely pointless but fun: some bouncing Mandelbrot WebGL cubes, based on my earlier Mandelbrot fragment shader example.
Here’s a video showing what it looks like when run on a browser that supports WebGL:

Click [...]

A wiki for WebGL recipes

I’ve set up a wiki to hold little snippets of WebGL code that solve specific problems — not just stuff I’ve written myself, but a place where anyone can add their own favourite recipes I’ve called it The WebGL Cookbook, after a similar site a friend of mine set up for the [...]

WebGL around the net, 5 Nov 2009

Some more X3DOM — a nice example that allows you to rotate a 3D shape using the mouse. What’s particularly impressive to me is how little code is required to create the page; just view source to see!
A couple of interesting discussions on the Khronos WebGL forums over the last few days; there’s a [...]

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