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Internet Explorer 9, continued

One of the open questions in my post about IE9 the other day was whether their move to Direct2D (which they’re positioning as taking advantage of graphics cards “in a way that’s more useful than other browser-boosting technology such as … WebGL”) would make sense for other browsers.
It sounds like the Mozilla guys think it [...]

WebGL around the net, 24 Nov 2009

Just two links for today:

Good news for German-speakers — Peter Strohm has been putting together a WebGL demo page which not only has versions of the lessons from these pages with comments added in (and some function names translated into) German, but also has some cool new demos, including a 3D scan of himself! (UPDATE: [...]

Internet Explorer 9

What does everyone think about the news on Internet Explorer 9? From the development team’s recent blog post, it looks like they have no intention of supporting WebGL, even though all three of their main competitors have already built it in.
Their attitude seems to be that the graphics cards in modern PCs are better [...]

WebGL around the net, 23 Nov 2009 (part 2)

Whoops, don’t know how I missed these two earlier:

Over at the C3DL blog, Andor Salga has posted a demo with a motion-capture-based animation — very cool!
Ilmari Heikkinen has posted a very cool-looking demo too — lots of spinning cubes

WebGL around the net, 23 Nov 2009

Just the one link for today: José Miguel Lueiza, a Chilean web developer, is starting a series of blog posts on WebGL in Spanish; here’s the first: Primeros Pasos con WebGL. [UPDATE: he's also put up a YouTube video of a WebGL tortoise!]
(As for the lessons here, lesson 9 is on its way but not [...]

WebGL around the net, 19 Nov 2009

Two new links for today:

A very interesting-looking Japanese guide to getting started in WebGL; well worth a look even if you need to use Google translate, though unfortunately it looks like the examples are Safari-only.
Not WebGL, but very interesting nonetheless: Peter Nederlof has created a 3D rendering engine that uses the regular 2D canvas to [...]

New blog theme

Well, I asked for it… Quite a few people left comments giving their thoughts on the blog theme I was using for Learning WebGL, both positive and negative, with lots of advice. Naturally, everyone had entirely different views on what it should look like
I’ve decided to try something different for a [...]

WebGL around the net, 18 Nov 2009

There have been surprisingly few new WebGL links and examples appearing over the last few days; my theory is that after Jacob Seidelin and Yohei Shimomae raised the bar last week, everyone else was scared to post anything for a few days
Anyway, a few fresh links for you:

Andor Salga, a student at Seneca [...]

WebGL Lesson 8 – the depth buffer, transparency and blending

<< Lesson 7Lesson 9 >>
Welcome to my number eight in my series of WebGL tutorials, based on number 8 in the NeHe OpenGL tutorials. In it, we’ll go over blending, and as a useful side-effect run through roughly how the depth buffer works.
Here’s what the lesson looks like when run on a browser that [...]

WebGL enabled for Windows on the Chrome dev channel

[uPDATE if you're here looking for instructions on installing a WebGL-enabled version of Chrome, the best place to look is this post here.]
I’ve not seen any announcement of this, but when I started my Chrome Dev Channel release today (with the –enable-webgl –no-sandbox flags set, of course), I got a new version,, which seems [...]

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