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Restrospectively changing my retrospective changes…

Last week I decided that it was silly to keep using vertexAttribPointer for both the vertex positions and their colours for the squares in my second and third lessons, and for the faces of the cube in the fourth. After all, each of the squares is all one colour, so it would make more [...]

WebGL around the net, 30 Oct 2009

Two new links today:

Jacob Seidelin has put together a really useful resource: a WebGL cheat-sheet. I’ve printed this one out to use while I’m building the next few tutorials…
Justin Gibbs, who designs virtual-world-based training (an interesting business!) has posted an interesting view on what WebGL and O3D might mean for the gaming industry:
All you [...]

WebGL around the net, 29 Oct 2009

It’s been quite a slow few days in the world of WebGL, but I’ve found two new stories for you today:

The Khronos WebGL forums have expanded! As well as the old forum for general topics, we now have one for end users to ask for help getting themselves up and running, coder forums for [...]

Chrome with WebGL

Mohamed Mansour, in the comments on a post on his blog, points us to the Chrome continuous integration system’s public build download area. This is a place where you can get builds of Chrome that are even more up-to-date (and even riskier) than the ones that they release on the Dev channel (their normal [...]

Groups for WebGL?

Good news! The Khronos WebGL forums are warming up, and hopefully will become a great place to learn and discuss.
Still, it’s always nice to have alternatives. Just for fun, I’ve created LinkedIn and Facebook fan groups for WebGL; LinkedIn so that when people start hiring WebGLers they’ll have somewhere to look (recruitment being [...]

WebGL Lesson 4 – some real 3D objects

<< Lesson 3Lesson 5 >>
Welcome to my number four in my series of WebGL tutorials. This time we’re going to display some 3D objects. The lesson is based on number 5 in the NeHe OpenGL tutorials.
Here’s what the lesson looks like when run on a browser that supports WebGL:

Click here and you’ll see [...]

WebGL around the net, 26 Oct 2009

Just three links from over the weekend:

Khronos are hosting forums for discussing WebGL. They’ve been up for a while, but it’s still quite quiet; perhaps things will pick up in time…?
Benjamin DeLillo’s WebGLU project has now reached version 0.2, and he’s put together a 50-line demo showing how it makes WebGL coding easier. [...]

WebGL around the net, 22 Oct 2009

I’m cold-ridden and quaffing Lemsip today, but found time to rise from my sickbed to find these

This found its way into an update to the WebKit post, but for those who missed it there: Jacob Seidelin has ported the WebKit demos over to Firefox, and they all work just fine with the latest [...]

Retrospective changes to the lessons

I realised today that the code for lesson 2 could be seriously improved. Instead of using a loop to create an array of colours for the square, one for each vertex, we could just set one single attribute using code like this:

gl.vertexAttrib4f(vertexColorAttribute, 0.5, 0.5, 1.0, 1.0);

This is [...]

WebGL around the net, 20 Oct 2009

Apart from the news about WebKit, today’s new WebGL news is:

Benjamin DeLillo has created a SourceForge project to host his WebGLU library, a set of utilities to make writing WebGL code easier.
I missed this one before; a cool WebGL demo on YouTube (running on WebKit, I think) from back in September.
On GitHub, there’s a new [...]

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